Dearborn Heights MMA fighter suspended after stunt hurts bystander

A local MMA fighter's license is in jeopardy after he was caught on camera hopping over the fencing and going after a man in the crowd at Joe Louis Arena.

The fight on Feb. 4 was a comeback fight for Dearborn Heights' own Tyler Meadows.

"There was an overwhelming feeling of adrenaline in there," he said.

The fight is called in the second round -- Meadows wins.

However, then Meadows jumps out of the cage and gets into a face of a fellow fighter.

"I talked to him. I said I was going to take his head off. It's just a competitive thing," Meadows said.

Meadows ends up in the lap of Dylan Carpenter.

"He tackled me against the cage, which obviously I didn't expect anything else when I jumped out of the cage. I understand why he did it," Carpenter said.

In the chaos that ensues, a bystander gets hurt -- a 12-year-old kid according to Meadows.

"The kid got pushed by someone from the crowd or someone from his corner  coming forward," Meadows said.

But the State of Michigan says that fight after the fight will have consquences.

The state licensing agency oversees the sport and maintains multiple people were injured from his after the bell activities, including a minor who needed medical attention.

Meadows was told to cease and decist any amatuer fighting in the state and was put on a national suspension list.

After the fight at the Joe and the altercation that took place afterward, Meadows said he didn't even know he was in any trouble until police came into the dressing room and escorted him out.

Now Meadows is contemplating if he's going to fight the suspension. 

In the meantime, he says it was just a stunt that got out of hand,

"That was never meant to happen and I apologize for that," he said. "I go there to inspire people. ... I have a 3-month-old daughter. I'm not there to hurt people in the crowd or make people think bad of me."