Dearborn Heights Police say man shot and killed step-brother after basketball argument

The Dearborn Heights Police Department said a man was arrested for the shooting death of his step-brother after the two got into an argument during a basketball game.

According to police, Jalen Michael Gullatt shot his step-brother, Jeffery Steen, multiple times on Sunday.

Police said they were called to a home on Clairview in Dearborn Heights around 10:15 Sunday night to a shooting. Dearborn Heights Police said they found Jeffery conscious and still breathing inside the home and he was taken to Beaumont in Farmington Hills.

He was later pronounced dead from his injuries.

Investigators were called and Jalen was identified as the suspect in his step-brother's shooting death. Witnesses in the home said Jalen and Jeffery got into an argument during a basketball game earlier in the day and the two continued their dispute until Jalen shot him several times before running from the home.

On Monday, police located Jalen and arrested him for the murder of Jeffery. Police said the investigation is still in progress and are referring all updates to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

Jalen Michael Gullatt was arrested Monday for the shooting death of his step-brother, Jeffery Steen, which police said came after a basketball game argument.