Dearborn home invasion caught on camera with family inside

A Dearborn home invasion took place with the family still inside last week.

"It's quiet we usually don't see any problems here," said neighbor Ali Barry.

Security cameras showed the man walking to the back of the house, taking a look around and climbing through an unlocked window. 

"This is a lot guts, he cannot be a normal guy to do that," Barry said. "He's got to be on something to do that."

Another camera inside of the home off Prospect Street off Michigan near Greenfield shows the slender man looking around in the dark with a light on his phone. 

He's able to steal an unknown amount of cash then get away. 

"He certainly didn't care about getting caught walking in to an occupied dwelling," said Chief Ronald Haddad, Dearborn police chief.

Without security footage of the guy in the act, police wouldn't have much to go on.

"What's critical about this is it had the potential to be much worse," Haddad said. "Someone wakes up and finds the intruder than someone can get hurt."

Haddad says what happened here is a lesson in keeping your house secure this summer.

"Now that the weather is warm, lock your windows or put the stops in them even though you're home," he said.

Haddad says they're hoping someone recognizes the man from the footage. Once he's caught, he could be looking at a 20-year felony. 

"This is egregious behavior," Haddad said. "We aren't going to tolerate and will use all our resources to find this guy and hold him accountable."