Dearborn Hts Mexican Fiesta staff says customers had been 'belligerent' over not wearing masks

The wildly popular Mexican Fiesta Restaurant in Dearborn Heights has stopped its dine-in service due to coronavirus safety concerns by some customers.

According to the staff, customers were being rude about having to wear facemasks and in one instance, police had to be called.

"They were being belligerent and even forceful about coming in and not wearing a mask," said Brian, who works at Mexican Fiesta.

In addition, when customers did not like it when they were told to wear the masks, the solution was to stop the dine-in service.

"We just don't want to have any run-ins like that and we just want to keep ourselves and our families safe," said Manager Sam Alvarado.

The Mexican Fiesta restaurant at Ford Road and Telegraph has been in Dearborn Heights since 1962 and has a second location in Canton. 

Despite the dining room closure, the carry out service will continue. 

"We just want to take a little time and reevaluate the situation to see how we can move forward," Alvarado said.

The manager says they may lose some money but adds that health is more important than money.