Dearborn pharmacy broken into by suspects who targeted Melvindale store

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Police are investigating the latest pharmacy incident to happen in the Dearborn-Melvindale area.

The Life Pharmacy on Maple Street in Dearborn Thursday morning was broken into – and investigators believe they are the same suspects caught on camera who attempted a break-in in Melvindale. 

"They're getting more brazen, it seems like they are getting more desperate," said Det. Rolando Hinojosa, Melvindale police. "There's probably money to be made or they have a very strong addiction.

"The owner of the pharmacy arrived this morning and found that his building had been broken into," said Lt. Jeff Garrison, Dearborn police.

Dearborn PD say it appears the thieves pried open the back door sometime overnight, getting in and stealing prescription drugs and merchandise. It is unknown how much is missing.

"We believe these might have been related," said Hinojosa "In one of the incidents in Dearborn there was a white Chevy Suburban that was involved."

Two men were seen over the weekend trying to break into Melvindale Pharmacy on Allen Road. The men creeping behind the building. 

"They backed in with a white vehicle, possibly an SUV," Hinojosa said.

The men, who appear to have tools can be seen trying to pry open the side door - but had no luck. On video the sparks fly but the men then appear to give up and drive away.

Now Melvindale police are working with Dearborn to find these potential serial swindlers but they need your help.

"If they have any tips on how we can get these guys, please give us a call," said Hinojosa.