Dearborn police working to crackdown on drag racing in several spots

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Illegal drag racing is one of the top complaints into Dearborn Police. Whether it’s the loud noises or crazy fast speeds. 

As it gets warmer, and the engines heat up the Dearborn Police are promising a crackdown.

The Motor City loves its Detroit muscle but that doesn’t always mean drivers handle their rides with care.

“The citizens hear the loud roars of the engines and call us on a regular basis,” Sergeant Kevin Thompson said.

Dearborn Police see cars ripping down their roads drag racing too much.

Fox 2: “How fast are these guys going out here?”

“Double the speed in a lot of cases,” he said. 

The spring is really when it starts to get out of hand. 
“The main thoroughfares throughout the entire city,” Thompson said.

We are talking about Telegraph, West Warren and Ford Road.

“Often times it just two random vehicles next to each other at the red lights revving their engines and taking off at a high rate of speed,” he said.

They already have initiatives in place, Operation Blue Light and Operation Safe Drive.

The penalty is your car on the back of a tow truck.

“It takes away their car at the time and deters future behavior,” Thompson said. 

If you get popped for drag racing it could mean a 500 dollar ticket and another $1000 to get your ride out of impound. 

The noise causes a nuisance of course but it’s the safety issues that are prompting the PD to put more officers in drag racing hot spots starting this week.

“When people endanger the safety of the citizens we take it as a top priority,” he said.