Dearborn psychologist found stabbed and beaten, man in custody

A person of interest is in custody after a local psychologist was found and stabbed .

Police say 33-year-old Emmanuel Vaughn is in jail for assault with intent to murder 75-year-old psychologist Mel Hoberman. Vaughn was found in his Dearborn office stabbed, severely beaten and in and out of consciousness on the night of Oct. 10.

"Everyone was in shock. I mean, he's a real nice man. He's a customer of mine, too. I know him very well. Obviously you get real concerned when something like that happens to someone in such close proximity," said Mo Hamden of Westborn Pharmacy.

Sarah Richards works a few doors down from the doctor's office on Grindley Park and Outer Drive. She says she saw the suspect outside the same day he allegedly attacked the psychologist, saying he was sitting nearby with gardening gloves on and picking at the grass. She and her co-workers thought about calling police but decided not to because Vaughn wasn't doing anything illegal.

Police say about an hour later Vaughn attacked the doctor. Hamden and his employees are now taking extra precautions.

"Now we've made it a point to where nobody leaves by themselves, we check before we open the door," he said.

Hoberman's colleagues did not want to speak to FOX 2 on camera but say that he's going to be OK and they're glad Dearborn police made an arrest.