Decorated WWII veteran finally gets deserved medals at 95 years old

Henry Kroll fought in World War II, a decorated Army veteran. But Kroll never received his medals.

Now after all these years he was honored with a special ceremony and got those much-deserved medals, just days before his 95th birthday.

"The family members brought it up, 'There are these four Bronze Stars plus other medals that he never got," said Matthew Graff, of the Dearborn Historical Museum.

A simple oversight discovered by the Dearborn Historical Museum after conducting a history interview with Kroll in May.

"Thank you for coming, it was a surprise," Kroll said.

"I am very proud of my father, it is very touching," said Karen Laczkowski, his daughter. "He doesn't speak much about what he went through. and to have him honored like this, it was more than what we expected. 

Kroll served in the artillery for the 106th Infantry Division. Of the 107 men he served with, only 17 survived.

"For me it is just a small way to give back to those who as I said earlier, inspired me and others who are serving now, to serve," said Cmdr. Daniel Pearson, Dearborn Army Recruiting Company. "It was a great generation who stepped up and served this country. We're trying to give a small token, to say thank you." 

The historical museum worked with the Dearborn Veteran Center and the Army recruiting office to process the paperwork needed to get the medals to Kroll - six all together.

"It is all about the soldiers and recognizing what he did for this country," Pearson said.