Delta cancellations, delays wreak havoc across country

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Severe weather across the U.S. has led to major delays and cancellations at metro airport, this week and Delta airlines is still trying to catch up.

FOX 2 saw those effects Friday night. Long lines at the airport and travelers trying to figure out when they will be able to board their plane. For some people - it is more than a simple inconvenience

If life hasn't been tough enough, Anita Betterly, whose son was diagnosed with an inoperable incurable brain tumor, just learned a trip booked for her 7 year-old to meet the Boston Bruins after the game Saturday, may be in jeopardy.

"It is not what you would expect," Betterly said. "They set this up for him. We came to meet the Boston Bruins tomorrow. We came here with Delta, we get  all set up with the boarding pass only to find out it is cancelled."

Delta's delays and cancellations were triggered by a midweek storm that whipped through Atlanta continuing to grow. As of Friday - a total of 3,000 flights had been canceled.

Marla Kaminsky and her husband planned to fly to New Orleans and surprise their two boys with a cruise, but have now had to come up with a Plan B

"Thank God we got travel insurance," she said. "So we are going to check with our travel insurance either get on another flight or drive 17 hours to New Orleans."

Delta's CEO issued a statement apologizing to customers, adding that "Delta's recovery from the storms has not been ideal." The airline is still working to get planes and crews back in position for flights.

Deanna Para, who was here on business, was hoping to make it back home to Kansas City early.

"I wanted to try to get on an earlier flight looked at the monitors and the two flights before mine were already delayed three hours when I got here," she said. "I knew chances of getting on the earlier flights, no."

In the meantime people like the Betterlys are trying to make the best of a trying situation. Their 7-year-old is excited about staying overnight at a hotel with a pool, but this concerned mom just hopes the family will make it to their once in a lifetime experience on time.

"The last thing we wanted, we just wanted to be in Boston tonight," Betterly said. "So that way we could have a somewhat normal night before the big game tomorrow."

Delta said on Twitter Friday that those expecting to fly need to check their flight status before leaving. Delta is also telling customers if their flights have been cancelled, they can get a refund. They are also willing to waive or change fees for people looking to rebook.