Democrat Senate opponent Hill Harper accuses Elissa Slotkin of 'scab behavior' as primary race heats up

Hill Harper, the underdog in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary is accusing his opponent of alleged "scab behavior" during last year's elongated actor's union strike in Hollywood.

His opponent, current US Rep. Elissa Slotkin, has an allegation of her own amid finger-pointing.  Harper, the Democrat Senate candidate, recently admitted his opponent is the favorite.

"She's the front-runner without a question - she is the establishment," he said.

He admits she has raised more money and has higher polling numbers but in the end, he argues that isn't the only deciding factor.

"We've got to remember that people are the ones who vote," he said.

In Michigan especially in a Democratic primary, the union vote is very important and candidates want to curry favor with union members.

And in this Senate primary, Harper is a TV actor who was on strike last year. He has lashed out at Democrat Elissa Slotkin for allegedly doing what he describes as "scab behavior."

"My opponent actually took in a decent amount of money from Hollywood executives that we were actually striking during the strike," Harper said. "And if you want to talk about something that is scab behavior - something you should not do."

He claims she is a career politician and government employee while he is not.

"I'm not part of the machine, they know I will be fighting for them as people, more so than any big donor list," Harper said.

Slotkin's campaign responds that she did not ask for contributions from TV executives during the strike, and that her opponent has no proof that she did.

And in a twist, she alleges that he was the one taking money from TV executives during the strike, which, his campaign denies.

The finger-pointing in this contentious Democratic primary continues with voters to sort it all out on August 6.

Current US Rep. Elissa Slotkin, left, and Hill Harper

Current US Rep. Elissa Slotkin, left, and Hill Harper