Democratic candidate for governor to host Reddit AMA from Flint

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed will hop online at a bookstore in Flint and take to Reddit to allow users to ask him questions live on Thursday.

Found under the username IAmAbdul, the 32-year-old gubernatorial candidate will hold an AMA, which means Ask Me Anything, on from 1:30-3:30 p.m.

CLICK HERE to view that thread.

He'll answer questions for two hours from Flint, at Totem Books, 620 W. Court Street.

Abdul is the former Health Commissioner for the City of Detroit and announced his first platform letter on his website early Monday morning.

He's been traveling Michigan on his listening tour, "Listening for Our Future," aiming to listen to voters in both peninsulas who feel they're unheard by politicians in currently in office.

More information about his policies can be found at