Demolition crew finds body wrapped in rug behind abandoned Detroit house

Demolition crews working to erase blight in Detroit discovered a body Wednesday in the backyard of a boarded-up house on Hawthorne Street.

"Every time you turn on the news these days you see something about some abandoned house and they finding something in it," neighbor Kim Tutt said.

Police and detectives were called to the scene on Hawthorne Street where a crew member found a body wrapped in a rug.

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"I never smelled anything it might have been dumped there," Tutt said.

Residents say despite the number of abandoned homes on this street, they're surprised a body was found in the neighborhood.

"Shocked to hear something like this would happen around here," Tutt said. "That's the first time I heard about something like that happening over here."

But this concerned resident also admits that he would like to see more police patrolling the abandoned boarded-up homes that have not yet been slated for demolition.

"I know some people need them because they need a place to stay, especially with winter coming on but they need a way of checking up on them better," he said.

Police are still investigating the identity of the victim and how long the body had been there. There have been no updates on possible suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detroit police.