Demolition of historic West Bloomfield school building halted by judge

An Oakland County judge has halted the planned demolition of a West Bloomfield educational building after a lawsuit was filed to save the shuttered elementary school. 

The order came from an Oakland County Circuit Court who scheduled a follow-up hearing for March 27. During the hearing, the defendants in the suit will need to explain why the restraining order should remain in place.

The historic Roosevelt school, which is located in Keego Harbor, was slated for demolition after the West Bloomfield School District Board of Education approved a bid to tear down the abandoned building.

Many in the community opposed the decision. That includes the Heart of the Lakes Community non-profit corporation, which argued the property was "irreplaceable" in the lawsuit. 

In a press release, the group argued the district had made "false claims" and hid information from the school board in an attempt to justify demolishing the building. 

But the school district superintendent has said removing the building is the best use of taxpayer dollars. 

It was originally closed two years ago when it was deemed unsafe. Some opponents to demolition have pushed to renovate the building into housing or a community center. Funds that could have been used for fixing up the building were instead allocated to tearing it down. 

The school board voted 4-2 in favor earlier this week. 


Board votes to demolish historic school in Keego Harbor

The decision to tear down Roosevelt Elementary School was approved by a majority vote of 4-2.