Derek's 30 Day Gallon-Of-Water-A-Day Challenge: Week 2

Alright. It’s been three weeks now since I started the “drink a gallon of water a day” challenge. My first article explained why I was doing it and how I didn’t really feel any effects from it. Two weeks later … things are a little different. Kinda.

Let’s address this first - after my last article I was reading through the comments on Facebook. There were a few people that were worried about my health if I do this. “You’ll screw up your electrolytes!” they cried.  “This is going to knock your sodium levels all over the place!” they warned. I looked into and even called a doctor friend of mine who assured me that a person my age and weight has nothing to worry about. Now, I shouldn’t go chugging a gallon of water but drinking 128 ounces over the course of a day will not kill me. So, that’s good.

On to the progress. I can honestly say that with the exception of one day, I have successfully drank a gallon a day (one day I was 20 oz short but just couldn’t get it done). I started noticing right around day 13 that I had more energy late in the day. At 3 p.m. I was not reaching for a cup of coffee … I just, wasn’t feeling tired. Every morning I wake up thirstier than I was before I started the challenge (which is odd) and I always drink 12 oz before I hop in the shower. I haven’t noticed it any *easier* to wake up but it’s not like it’s been harder. And no, I don’t see a change in my skin.

But here has been the biggest change I’ve noticed … and I’ll issue a TMI alert right now … I have become, ahem, more “regular” in the bathroom department. In the “eat more bran” kind of way. I won’t say any more about that, but I can admit that was a surprise given I hadn’t really heard that would happen. Ahem, ok, moving on.

In my first article I linked to the web story that inspired this challenge and the author of it tweeted me some tips. He noted that energy level (which, come on, was the main reason I was doing this) depended on more than just water intake. He’s right about that, but so far … I’m glad I’m doing this.

My final update will come next week when I finish the challenge!