Dermatologist has the solution for mask acne for the new school year

Mask-wearing for kids in school is a hotly debated issue, but one thing we know for sure is that wearing those masks can lead to breakouts that some are calling mask-ne.

So what can you do about it? The doctor has some advice about those pimples.

"If your face breaks out as mine did, don't squeeze it or try to pop it.," said Dermatologist Dr. Steven Grenkin.

Why does this happen?  Acne is triggered by the presence of bacteria and lack of oxygen.

"We are not used to breathing hot, steamy air and keeping that moisture on our face," he said. "The moisture from our lungs is a breeding ground for bacteria."

But you don't want to over-treat your temperamental skin.

"A lot of the kids say purchase acne medicine and ultimately it leads people to break out much worse," he said. "What happens is, the soaps that literally have medicine in it from over the counter, tends to be more irritating than effective.

"(Use) a gentle detergent cleanser. I love the Dove soap, I have said that, and away you go."

Another simple idea is to keep the toner close.

"Some of these toners that are witch hazel based, are really good," he said. "And especially if you are going to play sports and things like that after school, take some of this and put some cotton balls in a plastic ziplock bag and wipe your face briefly when you take off the mask and try to get a little refresh in the middle of your day."

What about makeup? Dr. Grekin is willing to compromise. 

"The makeup further traps the bacteria that we already know we have created a breeding ground for," he said. "So what's my suggestion? Makeup from (the top of your cheeks) up. Put on your makeup, your mascara, etcetera. If you want to put a little foundation around here, okay. Don't put your foundation under the mask."

Some solutions? Keep the mask clean and keep your skin as clean as possible.