Details of UAW tentative agreement with GM released

Details of the tentative deal between the UAW and General Motors have been released as we wait for union leadership to vote to send the deal to union members.

The tentative four-year contract with striking General Motors gives workers a mix of pay raises, lump sum payments and an $11,000 signing bonus. In return, the contract allows GM to proceed with factory closures in Lordstown, Ohio, Warren, Michigan, and near Baltimore.

Details were posted Thursday on the union website as factory-level union officials met to decide if they'll approve the deal.

Around 12:30 Thursday, the details of the contract were released for both hourly workers and salaried workers:


According to the details, starting on January 6, 2020, full-time temporary workers will get a shortened path to permanent status. Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, a path for part-time temporary employees will get a path to convert to regular status, under the deal. 

The contract also provides for improved paid and unpaid time off for temporary workers.

The contract establishes an $11,000 ratification bonus for seniority employees and a $4,500 bonus for temporary employees.

The $12,000 profit-sharing cap on payouts has been eliminated and all profits the company earns in North America will generate payments to members based on the current $1,000 per $1 billion that the company makes.

By September 2023, all permanent manufacturing employees will make $32.32 per hour. This provides a faster path for temporary employees to achieve permanent status and higher wages, something the union had fought for.

Temporary workers who work between 12 and 36 months will get 40 hours of paid time off and 24 hours unpaid hours. 

The deal includes a 3% pay raise in the second and fourth years plus a 4% lump sum in the first and third year for each eligible employee.

Additionally, skilled trade employees will get a $1,000 tooling allowance in 2019 and 2021, legal benefits now extend to spouses of active and retired UAW employees, and vacation is enhanced, but it was not announced how.

Healthcare, however, remains unchanged with workers paying 3% of their insurance. The company wanted to raise that to 15%. 

The company may use part-time temporary employees only with UAW approval.

All the information from UAW for hourly workers is available in this pdf below. To continue reading about what salaried workers are gaining, scroll below the pdf.


Salaried workers will get an Education/Development Bonus of $11,000.

The full-time uniform allowance for nurses has been increased to $1,500 annually. Supplemental On-Call Nurses (SOC) will also receive up to $200 uniform allowance for first time.

An additional paid holiday on Monday, July 3, 2023 was also won during bargaining, accounting for 66 holidays over four years. All existing holidays were maintained. 

Other highlights include company commitment to allocate teamGM Funds across all bargaining units within each function, continued outsourcing restrictions and full utilization language, and a plan for improvement which replaces PIP's that will have a defined start and end date.

All the information from UAW for salaried workers is available in this pdf below.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.