Detroit 7-year-old keeps tradition alive with spot-on impersonation of Harriet Tubman

Two years ago, Rosie White, then only 5-years-old, went viral for her incredible personations of Black leaders including Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, and Michelle Obama. She's now 7 and, unsurprisingly, is only getting better.

White's impersonations have all gone viral to the point of getting the attention of the celebrities she's imitating. But this is no mockery. White is celebrating famous Black women and men for breaking barriers and achieving great things.

It all started with a clip she put online where she took on the role of civil rights icon Rosa Parks. And it will continue with her newest video, a portrayal of Harriet Tubman, which she says will take things to the next level.

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"That felt so good to me because harriet Tubman she’s kinda like a super hero cause she freed the slaves all the slaves in the world and she’s like a super hero," White said.

The family affair starts with her mom who writes the scripts and comes up with costumes, then her big sister, A'belsyn rolls the camera and calls the shots while encouraging the young actor. They're typically done pretty quickly.

"On a good day maybe an hour and an half or no actually on a good day an hour but on a bad day - what’s a bad day? A bad day is when she’s not feeling it at all, not trying to do it," A'belsyn said.

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The day we were there, Rosie was feeling it, despite the cold temps. The reason for doing it all it is simple.

"I want people to smile, like I want them to also learn but also enjoy the video," Rosie said.

She'll be releasing videos all month long for Black History Month and posting them on her Instagram account.