Detroit Bagley teacher placed on leave as student relationship investigated

A teacher at Bagley Elementary School on Detroit's west side has been placed on administrative leave.

School officials found out he slept in the same hotel room with a 13-year-old male student from another Detroit school. That student and his mother talked to FOX 2. They both say nothing inappropriate happened during the two separate overnight stays.

"I trust the guy, wouldn't send my kids with a person I don't trust, you know," said the student's mother

"He's like a god dad to me," the student said. "He calls every day to check on me."

FOX 2: "So he's like a godfather?"


The student met the teacher about a year ago through his younger brother who attends Bagley. The mother says the teacher is friends with the entire family and they often spend time together.

She says her son spent the night at the teacher's hotel room because he needed a ride to school the next day and her car wasn't working.

"I gave him permission to take my son," the mother said.

But the school district still has to investigate the matter because it involves a teacher and a student who were alone together overnight. Parents were notified about the investigation on Tuesday.

"If I felt like it was something wrong, I wouldn't send my son," his mother said.

"He's like a good person, he would never harm me or stuff. I have a good relationship with him," the student said.

Both mother and son want the teacher to be able to return to Bagley.

"I don't see a reason that he would do anything to kids," the mother said. "He works around kids would never be concerned, this is crazy."

"I want to see my coach come back to his job and be successful," the student said.