Detroit business owner Bob Carmack charged with 4 felonies

Bob Carmack, a Detroit business man embroiled in multiple legal battles with the city over land deals, has been charged with four felonies.

Carmack was charged with one count of fraud and three counts uttering and publishing - a charge related to forged, altered, or counterfeit paperwork. 

The charges are believed to stem from a dispute between Carmack and the city in which Carmack used a deed sent to him by the city to sell land in southwest Detroit for about $1 million. The city claims Carmack had no right to the land.  

The Genesee County Prosecutor was asked to handle the case as the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office was concerned of a possible conflict of interest.

Carmack made headlines when he rented an electronic billboard that played video that he claims is proof that Mayor Mike Duggan was meeting with a mistress. 

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Carmack hired private investigators to follow Duggan, because he claims the mayor is out to get him. The city denies that, but Duggan asked the state police to investigate Carmack for possibly extorting him.

Carmack says the city tore down one of his buildings and are trying to evict him from another to punish him for being outspoken about public corruption. The city says Carmack did not own the building and is squatting in another city-owned building.

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Carmack and his attorney would not comment on the charges filed Tuesday. He's expected to turn himself in later in the day.

The Detroit mayor's office referred all questions to the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office, who did not return messages from FOX 2

FOX 2 is in the 36th District Court where Carmack is expected to be arraigned, possibly as early as Wednesday. We'll update this story with more information as it comes in to our newsroom.