Detroit carjacking raises concerns about protection at the pump

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Dale Brown a defense expert at the Threat Management Center gives his advice on carjacking’s and staying safe at the gas station pump. 

“There is no real reason to defend your car with your life,” he said.

This comes after a carjacking was reported off of Clay and the I-75 service drive early Sunday morning. 

“You can always replace a vehicle you can always replace the items in the vehicle,” Brown said. 

New numbers from Detroit Police shows carjacking’s are actually down more than 50 percent compared to last year.

A driver was held at gunpoint at the gas station, then carjacked.

Two men walked up, one with a gun and demanded his 2012 Silver GMC Sierra, he handed the keys over and they drove off.

It was the right move, according to Brown.

“Anything that upsets them or angers them creates a condition of adversarial interaction for the criminal and you don’t want them to become angry with you,” he said. 

Brown says circle the gas station before picking a pump.

“Your location should be as far away from alleys and obscured areas because that’s the entry point where they are going to approach,” he said. 

If you can, sit in the car with doors locked while you pump the gas. If someone approaches and is demanding your car give them the keys and head into the station.

Dale Brown says once you are safe call 911. While you’re waiting for the police write down or record on your phone anything and everything you can remember about the suspects.

“Very important, try to to give them the age, their facial hair, are they a bigger or smaller person, try to give them those characteristics,” he said.  

Sounds simple, but memorize your license plate number.

“It’s on your registration but if you don’t have that because it’s in the car you will have a hard time indicating to the officer,” Brown said. 

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