Detroit caucus members not on board to gather to vote for ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ extension 

There was a call to vote Tuesday in Lansing by House Republicans, on Governor Whitmer’s ask of a 70-day extension of her emergency declaration. 

The current one, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic expires on Tuesday at midnight. 

“Why would we ask anyone to come out of their homes, to come to legislature and expose others,” said State Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo. 

Gay-Dagnogo, a Democrat, doesn’t think it’s smart to meet in large groups right now. She, with the rest of the Detroit Caucus say there is enough to do right here in Detroit. 

“The majority of the Detroit caucus member, I would rest assure that most of them will not be driving up 96 to get to Lansing on Tuesday,” she said. “We’re going to be in our homes, with our families, talking to our staff, so that madness doesn’t break out in the city,”

Republicans are pushing for a shorter extension of the emergency declaration, for now. 

Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield, a Republican, put out an extensive memo about precautions planned for Tuesday’s vote in Lansing. It includes voting in small groups, and a request of anyone with COVID-19 like symptoms or any vulnerable lawmakers to stay home. 

“It’s not about legislators not wanting to go in and to do their constitutional duty,” Gay-Dagnogo said.” Many of us are working like hell in our own community to bring resources.”

Detroit Caucus members and other House Democrats will meet Sunday night via video conference to discuss the voting situation. 

Gay-Dagnogo has a full plate at home, with her older sister in the hospital battling COVID-19. 

“She’s right now in an induced coma,” she said. “We have learned that there is some progress and we’re just expecting God to work a miracle.”