Detroit church to hold mass mob to raise money for repairs

Sometimes you need more than prayer.

On Friday, a group of local Catholics will gather to try and raise money to make repairs to St. Peter Claver in northwest Detroit after the roof caved in under the weight of this winter's snow.

"For us at Loyola High School now this is another impact for us. It's part of a master plan now to raise the money to rebuild the church," said Father Mark Luedtke, president of Loyola High School. 

This is no small endeavor for the all-boys school and church community of St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, as Catholic education and churches fight to survive in the city of Detroit. In addition to praying and looking to help from up above, part of the solution is a Mass Mob.

"Mass Mob moves around the city of Detroit,visiting other Catholic churches, many whom have seen reduction in parish communities and so it's a nice way for people who don't worship in those community to visit the churches, to worship, but also to share the faith," Father Luedtke said.

It can also help provide financial support for the church hosting the Mass Mob - something this church and school community says it needs right now as they work to rebuild this chapel that was initially built way back in 1942 at Fenkell and Pinehurst.

"We haven't scoped out the idea yet but I'm sure it's well north of $2 million," Father Luedtke said.

The Mass Mob gets underway Saturday at 4 p.m. at the school's gym but before the religious service starts, a celebration will take place at noon to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the all-boys Loyola High School.

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