Detroit city clerk and postmaster want to reassure voters to trust the mail service

The Detroit postmaster and city clerk want voters to have the confidence to use the US Postal Service to mail your ballots in for Election Day.

"The postal service is working very hard to deliver all election mail," said Postmaster Derron Bray. 

"I tell citizens in the city of Detroit to relax, you've got this," Winfrey said. "We've got this. Just know that we will process every ballot we receive."

Winfrey said if voters receive a ballot later this month, for example, Oct. 20, they should use a dropbox.

"Just to ensure that it gets to the Department of Elections and it is able to be processed in a timely fashion," Winfrey said.

City Clerk Janice Winfrey

There are 23 satellite voting locations throughout the city including at the Northwest Activities Center where citizens can register to vote, pick up a ballot, or return a ballot.

"Don't let the evil-doers get in your ear or confuse you," Winfrey said.

Election Day is Nov. 3.