Detroit City Council approves city ID cards with unanimous vote

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It's a game-changer for immigrants, homeless people and even the elderly.

The city of Detroit approved a new identity card system Tuesday, making sure everyone has access to basic services most of us take for granted.

They are called Municipal Identification Cards or Municipal IDs for short.  And why the need for a Detroit ID?

"If you are a Detroit resident, you will be able to get a library card, you will be able to get any of your utilities on, all the Detroit services," said. Samantha Magdaleno of the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation. "You will be able to visit your kids in school, because you need an ID to visit your kids in school.

And the residents that benefit?

"Returning citizens, even veterans, the homeless population and undocumented residents," said Magdaleno.

The ordinance was approved by a unanimous 7-0 vote by the city council.

Some are calling the unanimous vote by Detroit city Council, historic.

FOX 2: "Why not use a drivers' license?"

"They're not able to get a driver's license," Magdaleno said. "And there's all kinds of language issues. Sometimes if you go to the Secretary of State, and you speak a different language they have trouble translating, and then they are not able to bring the proper documents they need for this."

According to Mayor Mike Duggan's office, details are being worked out for the cards, but they should be available in six months.

And expect the long lines to get the cards, to get the benefits. 

"You do not need to be a citizen you just need to be a resident of Detroit," said Magdaleno.