Detroit company steps in after children's camp hit by vandals

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A camp designed to have a positive impact on local kids hit by vandals.

They destroyed a tent, chairs and stole their sports equipment. It's a story FOX 2 first told you about this weekend and now after seeing our story a local company is stepping in to help.

"We're an outdoor camp," said Bryan Richardson of Avengers Camp. "We try to get the kids away from the video games, the indoors, phones and out into the open where they can run around and have fun."

Organizers say a tent located at Avengers Camp on the Golightly campus was destroyed over the weekend

"This summer has been extremely hot and we utilize this as a shelter so they don't have to run inside every time they want to get away from the heat."

After the story aired on Fox 2 one of our viewers responded.

"Magnum tent rental has donated a tent," said Talibah Dillworth. "They will send it out on Thursday along with tables and chairs for 96 children."

Organizers say this is not the first time vandals have hit their property

"Before this, someone vandalized our cooler, set a fire in it," Richardson said. "It was a little less drastic that time, but still, it was taking from the kids."

Camp organizers say they are grateful for the help and hope the vandals won't strike again.

"We need all the help we can get here," Richardson said. "We are trying to build up the community."