Detroit coney island shuttered after employee shooting; activists rally

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A worker at a Detroit coney island shot a customer and was arrested Sunday.

Police say the young man who was shot is recovering and the suspected gunman has not been charged yet but is in police custody. Meanwhile, the restaurant where it happened, has been shut down.

"We've got the health department, the fire department, we've got the building and safety department there," said a Detroit police officer. "Of course there are a few health code violations and some fire, life safety violations."

The Motor City Coney Island at 831 E. McNichols and Oakland is shut down until further notice. The city closed the business Monday afternoon a day after the shooting.

It all began with an argument and the employee asking the man to leave. Police say the man was milling about behind the restaurant when the worker came out of the store and opened fire shooting the man in the leg.

"For our store owners, our merchants, call 911," said the officer. "Or if you are a customer and you are having an issue, call the police, we will come. 

"For the merchants do not come from behind the glass and take matters into your own hands."

Sunday's shooting follows the killing of 34-year-old Derrick Roberts. He was gunned down at a gas station at McNichols and Southfield. The shooter - who is a gas station employee - is facing first degree murder charges.

"Do you mean to tell me if I go into a business and have an argument with someone behind bulletproof glass - that I could leave that business in a body bag?" said Rev. David Bullock, activist. 

Bullock was joined by other clergy and activists calling out the recent acts of violence, saying the incidents are part of a longstanding problem - non-black business owners and employees mistreating black customers  

"If you do not do right by black folk in this city then black folk will not let you do business," Bullock said. "And if the mayor and chief of police can't make business owners comply, you better believe black people in the city of Detroit will make black business owners comply."

That coalition is focused on keeping the coney island from reopening unless it is under new management.