Detroit corruption; who won the debates

Part 1: Detroit Corruption

From Detroit police officers allegedly taking bribes from towing companies -- to a Clinton Township trustee accused of demanding a payoff.

So why so much corruption now and are more officials doing it - or is the FBI getting better at catching them.

Andy Arena, former head of the FBI Detroit office, current state Flint water investigator

Karen Dumas, former city official and political insider.

Charlie LeDuff, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who has investigated Detroit's demolition program.

Part 2: Who won the debates?

The final debate is done, but the controversy continues. Donald Trump doubles down on his shocking comments as Hillary Clinton dodges more questions about her honesty.

Is the outcome rigged, or could there be another October surprise?

Linda Lee Tarver, president of the Republican Women's Federation of Michigan

Maureen Stapleton, businesswoman, consultant and Democrat

Ingrid Jacques, Detroit News deputy editorial page editor

Part 3: On the Road