Detroit Dog Rescue certified as no-kill shelter

It's been their mission to become the first no-kill animal shelter in Detroit, and it's finally happened for Detroit Dog Rescue.

DDR, which was founded in 2011, has secured a permit from the state sanctioning the no-kill operation. The group its shelter on the city's east side in 2014.

The group's licensing comes as Detroit Dog Rescue had been at odds with Detroit Animal Control over regulations for taking in strays. City policies are being reviewed.

David Rudolph, a DDR spokesperson, says the euthanazation rate is high in the area, and they're hoping to help the city cope with the large number of stray and abandoned dogs. They can hold about 40 dogs at their shelter.

"We just want to have an alternative [to euthanization] and make a difference, and so now we believe this is a great opportunity because we want to be a resource to the community, and we want to be able to save dogs' lives," Rudolpy says. "Here at Detroit Dog Rescue, if we get you - you have found a home."