Detroit EMT attacked, knocked unconscious

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An EMT was attacked on the job, getting knocked unconscious Tuesday night.

EMT Tyler Ensign was hit in the head with a radio suffering extensive bleeding. He was taken to St. John's Hospital and is doing well after some scary moments.

"He actually was hit in the head with the radio and suffering extensive bleeding," said co-worker Jeff Gaglio. "I was on duty last night and when you hear those things happen while you are working, it's horrific, you are terrified."

Gaglio, the chief steward of the EMS union, told the story of Ensign  who showed up on the city's east side to render aid - but left needing it  himself.

It happened Tuesday night on Chatsworth a few blocks north of Mack Avenue.

Gaglio says Ensign and his partner were getting ready to transport a patient to a nearby hospital but  one of her relatives wanted them to take her to another one.

The EMTs stood their ground and Gaglio says that may have caused the suspect to lash out.

"He took a radio from a firefighter and threw it through the window of the ambulance," Gaglio said.

The radio struck the patient and knocked Ensign unconscious.

It's not the first time an EMT has been attacked.  In October a man armed with a box cutter slashed Kelly Adams and Alfredo Rojas, causing serious injuries.

Gaglio says the attacks are isolated incidents and are not a reflection of the people they serve.

Even so, it's taking a toll on them.

"I think a lot of our members want to see this taken to the next step," said Gaglio. "They want to see people held accountable at the prosecution level. They want it known to the public that this is not acceptable and that the city is not going to tolerate it."

Police say they know who the suspect is and are working on an arrest warrant.

In the meantime the EMTs are undergoing sell-defense training courses and also verbal judo training - in order to deescalate situations before they erupt.