Detroit family of 5 loses heat for failing to schedule 3-year indoor gas meter inspection with DTE

Being without heat in the bitter cold of December is a "disaster," said a Detroit mother who had her gas shut off by DTE on Monday. 

"When I called them, they said they had been trying to get in touch with me to remove the meter from inside the home," said Ashley, who has four children, including an 8-month-old boy.

According to DTE, customers with indoor natural gas meters must have them inspected every three years, as required by state and federal regulations. 

The company said they reach out to customers due for a three-year check with letters, emails, phone calls, and personal visits before shutting off services. However, Ashley said she did not receive any warnings from DTE.

"I have cameras," she said. "I’ve been home." 

When she did get a hold of DTE, she was informed that utility workers would not be available to assist until Dec. 12. 

When FOX 2 reached out to DTE, they came to Ashley's house and turned her gas back on. A spokesperson said they did have records of reaching out to Ashley multiple times, warning her of the shutoff.

Read DTE's full statement below:

To ensure safe operation of all indoor natural gas meters, DTE is required to perform safety inspections every three years. If customers do not allow these critical safety checks, which take just 15 minutes to perform, DTE is required by state and federal regulations to stop service.  DTE's goal is to keep service on for every customer, and the company is reaching out in multiple ways to those in need of their three-year checks – with letters, emails, phone calls and personal visits. Anyone receiving these notices is urged to call DTE to schedule their free safety inspection by calling 1-877-853-9434.