Detroit family planning second funeral after brother killed in hit-and-run

A Detroit family already experiencing heartbreak was dealt another unimaginable blow. A night before they planned to bury a loved one, another family member was hit and killed by a car. 

"We don’t know anything. All we know is we got another funeral next week," said Quwantiz Cunningham. 

As the family was preparing to say goodbye to their brother Eddie Cunningham, who died of COVID-19, their other brother 33-year-old Antwan was hit by a vehicle Friday night near Morang and Lakepointe. The driver left the scene. Antwan died at the hospital. 

"You just ripped my heart out," Quwantiz said. 

The family believes more than one crime happened that night. 

"There’s no way that he just went in the street and got hit," Quwantiz said. "I believe he was being robbed and ran into street. ... He got chased into the street and the person who was there saw everything."

Quwantiz said that person was a passenger in Antwan’s vehicle.

"The story we are hearing doesn’t add up," he said. 

As the investigation continues, the family believes someone has the answers they need.

"We want to know the truth," said Pauline Cunningham, the victim’s sister-in-law.

Detroit police tell FOX 2 they cannot confirm the victim was being robbed before he was hit by a vehicle, but say they have spoken to people who were there when the hit-and-run happened. Police are also looking for surveillance video.

"Whoever did this, I just want you to know you made a whole lot of people hurt," Quwantiz said. 

Meanwhile, the Cunningham family set up a GoFundMe account to help with the cost of Antwan’s funeral.