Detroit family says therapy dog stolen, offers reward

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A Detroit family is searching for their therapy dog they believe was stolen from their backyard.

Bandit is a therapy dog providing comfort and companionship. He's 5 years old and is a pure-bred Bishon Frizee. He's also a therapy dog for 27-year-od Nicole Wade, 

"Nicole suffers from moya moya disease and has hypertension. She lost her speech after two strokes when she was 4 years old," Nicole's mom, Myra Wade, says.

The family says he was outside for just ten minutes when they noticed he was gone. They're confident he was taken.

"You would have to literally take him. Because his favorite spot is that chair looking out the window," Myra said.

As soon as they noticed Bandit was gone, a car in front of the home pulls away. The family is concerned Bandit will become someone else's Christmas gift.

"The car is a red Toyota Camry with a dent in the side. And it took off when my son came out," Myra said.

If someone did take Bandit, the family hopes they would bring him back, if they knew what he means to the family.

"That dog is a part of our family. He makes my daughter happy so bring him home to us."

The Wades are offering a reward for the return of their dog. They say that whoever has him can just call the number on his collar.