Detroit family's home looted by scrappers after devastating fire

A Detroit family has been left devastated again after first being forced out of their home by a fire and now scrappers returning to clean out everything worth saving as they wait for insurance money.

A hard-working single mom kicked when she's down - victimized again. Latrice Crutcher can't catch a break. Back in July, she says her house was broken into and set on fire while she and her family were out of state. Since then it's been one problem after another.

"The loss here exceeds four times what my insurance policy was, so we're already operating in a negative and with the house sitting here people have been breaking in," she said.

They took the microwave, the beds, and even pulled out the Christmas tree.

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The latest break in happened over the weekend and one of Crutcher's daughters broadcasted the aftermath on FB Live.

The house is a total loss but Crutcher, a single mother of four, was still hoping to rebuild or at least be compensated in some small way by her insurance company, Michigan Basic Property Insurance.

"I want to come back and rebuild. That's it. I just want to come home. I want my insurance claim settled. I pay my premiums on time," she said.

They're hoping for $30,000.

But Crutcher says she's not getting anywhere despite doing everything that's been asked of her, submitting phone records and bank statements to prove she was out of town -- not here setting her own house on fire.

"It's been - as of October 27 - over 100 days. My claim was timely submitted. I had to hire a public adjuster to help me navigate through it," she said.

More than three months and still nothing, so Fox 2 contacted the claims adjuster, who says he's working as fast as he can and he should know soon if the case will be settled or remain under investigation.

"I'm losing more money. I have to pay to stay somewhere else. My home was paid for. It's not the Taj Mahal but it was home for us after a divorce and starting over and stuff," Crutcher said.

Now she's starting over again, still hoping her insurance company helps her do so.