Detroit farm that employs ex-prisoners robbed 3 times in a week

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A Detroit farm that gives jobs to former prisoners, has been robbed three times in less than a week.

Recovery Park Farms has been growing vegetables for nearly a decade

"We grow specialty produce for chefs," said Anna Kohn.

And they give people a second chance.

"Predominately the individuals we employee are folks that may have a criminal background," said Anna Kohn. "Folks that have served a significant time in prison - usually decades.

"Of the individuals who have come in and out of our organization as farmers, not a single person has returned to prison."

Recovery Park Farms has been hit with three break-ins in less than a week. 

The fence was cut and a shipping container broken into and $25,000 of equipment stolen.

"It was very fast, it was someone who knew the equipment was there, and someone who knew how to move it, because some of the equipment is extremely heavy and cumbersome."

After that break-in, the farm welded a cage around the lock.

Two days later, one of the farms was vandalized. And two days after that on Sunday, someone cut open the new fence that had just been put up to replace the original one that had been cut.

And the suspects broke into a truck which is used as a barrier to keep thieves from stealing the tractor. Surveillance video of the man who broke in on Friday

"We're not going to stop us, it's disheartening but not going to stop us," she said.

Donations to replace the stolen equipment have been coming in. If you would like to help out, go to Recovery Farms GoFundMe page HERE.