Detroit firefighter shot to death, vehicle found burned up

He was a second generation firefighter dedicated to serving his city who was murdered in his own home Tuesday. As police search for the killer, Jack Wiley II's father is speaking out.

"I'm not breaking down crying because I'm sitting here talking about a kid I'm enjoy talking about," said Jack Wiley Sr.

Hes a dad who lost his son just one day before this interview.

"Once you become a Detroit firefighter in this city, you serve everyone in this city and everyone that you serve is a family so we are a city family," he said.

Detroit firefighter dead in home on west side, house ransacked

Jack Wiley II was a firefighter like the dad he was named after. He's asking for help to find his son's killer.

"I'm just asking that everyone give us all the help you can to find the person that did this to my son," he said.

Wiley II was found dead, shot inside his house on Penrod on Tuesday morning on the city's west side. Investigators say his house was ransacked.

"To the guys that did this: Trust me, we're going to get you," he said.

He didn't show up for work and his co-workers got worried. They reached out to his family and the 29-year-old's pregnant sister found him.

Police didn't have updates Wednesday on where things stand in the investigation, but we know Wiley's SUV was gone from his home and later found burned up. He had been assaulted.

"This is my family. We're not blood family but the fire department is unique. Once you join that fire department, you belong to all of us," said Verdine Day of the Firefighters Union.

Wiley was just shy of his 4th year of service with the fire department and his father says he won numerous awards for saving the lives of others.

A family that goes beyond blood now hoping the public can help.