Detroit firefighter union chief accused of jeopardizing witness

The head of the Detroit fire fighters union, who is accused of jeopardizing a witness' safety, is responding to the criminal investigation Friday.

Investigators say Mike Nevin jeopardized a witness' safety when he sent information about a fatal shooting to the media and posted it on Facebook. 

"I have had not one but my staff has had several conversations with the public corruption unit out of the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office. I have had conversation with Prosecutor Worthy to give her the facts," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Concerned about the police's response time, the information included audio files, the police report and the witness' name and phone number.

"I tell you what, this is nothing more than retaliation for my outspoken unionism and speaking for the ground troops in the field," Nevin said.

"Any inference made that the mayor, myself or the commissioner wants to silence him, I've taken criticism in the past and will continue to take criticism - this has nothing to do a response time," Craig said.

"I'm here to represent capt nevin obviously their investigating him. They're trying to silence him, that's what they're trying to do by threatening him with a criminal prosecutions," said attorney Mike Rataj.

Meanwhile, Nevin is shifting the focus from his alleged actions to fire department manpower and resources.

"Our police, fire & EMS are getting their A----- kicked and we need help, we need bodies, resources and training," he said.

But fire commissioner Eric Jones paints a different story, releasing this quote:

"Fear tactics like these are a great disservice to the public and our firefighters. They are just Mr. Nevin's attempt to distract the public from his concerns. Our fleet has not been this strong and our department has not been this efficient and effective in decades." 

At this point, it's not known if charges will be filed against Nevin.