Detroit firefighters, medics save baby born in toilet without pulse

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Detroit Firefighter Marcus Moore.

Detroit firefighters and medics rescued a newborn born in a toilet Monday.

The baby is at Detroit Children's Hospital of Michigan and is doing well. The mother, a 13-year-old who may not have known she was pregnant, went to the bathroom to relieve herself inside her home when she began to deliver the baby.

The 911 call from the scene said that the girl was in labor, but while on the way there, first responders learned the mother gave birth. 

"Upon arrival we found the baby on the floor wrapped in a towel, we began CPR, we checked on the mother, she was unconscious in the bathroom," Sgt. Tom Suchora said 

"Every 30 seconds, there was a little gasp. When I put my finger in its mouth to try clearing its airway, it actually gagged a little bit - so I knew there was a chance."

Firefighter Marcus Moore said after arriving, they checked for vital signs and could not hear any breathing or detect a heart rate.

"We wrapped the baby in a blanket to keep him warm," said Moore, of Engine No. 59. "On the second cycle of CPR, she started to breathe again on her own and take that first gasp of air. From there EMS was at the scene, got the mom inside and continued to do CPR to the hospital."

The mother's sister was at the house to greet first responders and was in a frantic state.

"I assured her we will do everything we can and she eventually settled down," Suchora said. "It was very chaotic."

There is no word on the mother's condition at this time. The baby was full-term, about seven pounds, Moore said.

Moore is also a father and talked about how it felt once everything sunk in - happy.

"You just want to do the right thing, so that you get the right results," Moore said. "We were fortunate to do that today. It was surprising, the age that she was, I am pretty sure she was scared. But that's why we are here - to take care of those situations."