Detroit first responder couple who lost 5-year-old to COVID-19, receive vaccine together

Last December was Lavondria and Ebbie Herbert's first Christmas without their only child.

"You know I cry every day," said Lavondria. "It is tough, the holidays were really tough for us." 

Skylar, their loving, smart little 5-year-old girl with a big personality, died last spring from complications due to COVID-19. She was the first child in our state to lose their life from the novel virus.

"Everything is for Skylar, in life, I just gear toward Skylar," said Ebbie. "I know she would want us to take this vaccination and I think it is a good thing." 
On Tuesday, Lavondria, a Detroit police officer, and Ebie, a Detroit firefighter, arrived at the Detroit Fire Training Academy to receive the COVID-19 vaccine designated for first responders.

The couple, like many, were leery about getting the vaccine at first, but after talking to the Beaumont doctor who cared for Skylar, they felt it was safe and the right thing to do.

"It is something that is just new - the unknown," Lavondria said. "I wasn't sure about doing it, but I feel great. I am glad about doing it, trying to get back to some sort of normalcy."

"I wanted my wife to take it because I wanted to show the world we need to take it," Ebbie said. "This is something serious for everyone's family."

Skylar Herbert

The Herberts, who invited FOX 2 to be there for their vaccination, wanted to set an example for others, who may be on the fence about getting immunized.

They are hoping this shot will prevent others from experiencing such a painful loss.

"Like I told Vonnie before, there is a purpose why this happened let's take advantage, do something positive out of this, and get back to normal life for everyone," her dad said.

"We are praying for all the families who have lost loved ones we appreciate all of the people who reaching out to us still praying for us, it really helps us cope," Lavondria said. "It is hard waking up every day because there are so many things we miss about Skylar just a happy-go-lucky child. It's just hard but with all the prayers we have been getting very appreciative."