Detroit food truck specializes in serving the homeless

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It looks like any other food truck downtown - but this one is serving those most in need.

Detroit's hungry here on Peterboro know they can count on "We Are One Community Unity" every Wednesday for lunch.

"The food tastes like mama's food," said Terrance Browne. "They (have) love and caring and concern and compassion."

"We got a lot of people living on the street with nowhere to go, out here hungry," said Isaiah Jacobs. "I appreciate what they're doing for the community."

"That's a blessing to these people that are down here," said Beverly Burns. "Some people don't get anything."

It's the brainchild of Jerrold Boykin, the founder of Community Unity.

"We feed whoever needs to be fed every Wednesday," Boykin said. "Rain sleet or snow for over five years.

"Everybody helps somebody. Nobody needs anything so everybody just sees what we're doing and they want to be a part of it - even the kids."

"They need food, clothes - all that," said Kerrington Dean, a little volunteer.

All the volunteers in their 'I'm a blessing' shirts provide a valuable service in a place that needs it - not just the food - but the connection.

"A lot of it is not just the food," said Camille Johnson, a volunteer. "It's the conversation you make, relationships with the people who are down

"It is more than just the food - but it's definitely needed. It's definitely needed, its appreciated and the more the merrier."

And more volunteers are helping out all the time - Robert Patto donated much of the food for Wednesday's lunch.

"This is my first time coming out here so I'm going to try to make it an every week thing and come out here and help them," Patto said.

"That's what the whole 'I'm a blessing movement' is," said Boykin. "Just being a blessing to whomever you're in contact with."

Community Unity is here every Wednesday - they're always looking for volunteers or financial donations to help them carry on the mission.

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