MSP: driver reached between legs, resisted arrest, pepper-sprayed; gun found under driver's seat

Michigan State Police said a man who was stopped in a stolen car was pepper-sprayed after he reached between his legs during a traffic stop early Monday morning. Police said they found a gun under the driver's seat when he was arrested.

Police stopped a car on the Davison at Oakland in Detroit around 1:40 Monday morning for a driver not wearing a seatbelt. Michigan State Police said a check of the license plate showed the car had been stolen.

According to police, the driver was compliant when asked for his license but when asked him to step out of the car, he tried to put the car into drive.

The trooper was able to reach in and put the car back into park and ordered the driver out of the car.

Police said the driver reached between his legs but the trooper reached in and grabbed his arms to pull him from the car. The suspect resisted arrest, police said, and that's when the trooper pepper-sprayed him.

At that point, MSP says the driver complied with the trooper's request and was taken into custody.

During a search of the vehicle, police said they found a handgun under his seat.

The driver was medically cleared and has been lodged, pending the prosecutor's review of the case. He has not been identified.

The trooper was not hurt.