Detroit, Hamtramck added to lawsuit for helping notorious towing companies

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Two notorious towing companies being sued in federal court are going to have some company at the defense table, and taxpayers could end up footing the bill.

The cities of Detroit and Hamtramck have now been added to the federal case as defendants. FOX 2 Problem Solver Rob Wolchek has been chasing these guys down since last October.

Wolchek caught Breakthrough Towing trucks driving off with cars even though the owners were standing in the parking lot. 

The federal complaint said the City of Detroit, the City of Detroit Police Department 'John Does' and Breakthrough Towing colluded and conspired to deprive car owners of their constitutional rights.

The complaint also says that both Breakthrough and Magic Towing are operating without a license. Wolchek tracked down letters from the Michigan State Police saying that if caught, the Magic and Breakthrough trucks can be impounded.

The attorneys that filed the federal case are going to release more details at a press conference Tuesday. But here's what they said Monday:

Attorney Hannah Fielstra says "Breakthrough is turning local parking lots into profitable fishing holes, with the help of the cities of Detroit and Hamtramck."

Attorney Tony Paris added, "And to the cities and their police officers that helped them break the law for so long, as well as the private companies that were on the take, it's time to change and to pay back the victims."

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Wolchek will be at that press conference and will have all the details Tuesday night.