Detroit is gearing up for World Cup soccer action

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In southwest Detroit, Mexican-Americans are ready for some futbol.

That's soccer of course, and Mexico is playing one of the first games in the World Cup 

"(When) we go back to Mexico we go back to our stadiums and watch our favorite home teams play," said Joel Padilla, the manager of El Nacimiento on Vernor.

And you can be sure that in southwest Detroit residents will be watching. 

"We know, we are going to pack this place," said Padilla. "All of us as Mexicans and not just Mexicans, but Latinos, everybody is really into soccer, that's the main thing."

And they will be beer specials, an outdoor patio, and a big projection screen room and food at El Nacimiento, a popular Mexican restaurant bar, where Mexican soccer players over the years have stopped by.

America did not qualify for The World Cup, which Erik Olson, the owner of Thomas Magee's Bar on Fisher Service Drive - another Detroit soccer hotspot - said was a "body blow."

But despite that Olson still can't wait for the games to start.

"We will be open at 8 a.m. every day for every match," he said.

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FOX 2 is your home of The World Cup and will carry the games including the first one, on Thursday June 14 at 10 a.m.