Detroit Land Bank selling $295,000 Indian Village church

The Detroit Land Bank has inherited a first-of-a-kind property: a historic church in Indian Village.

Its outdoor aesthetic may appear modest, but the interior is dressed in ornate tradition that can only be marveled by when immersed within. Many eyes may be initially drawn to the stained glass so perfectly panned. 

The only thing matching that beauty is the experiences made inside the building.

"It's something to see if you've never been here. A real prize, it's just as they say, a gem in the bush," said Karen Hamilton, who attended the Friendship Manor Church. "It's just breathtaking. We had probably 500 members. It wasn't a large congregation but we had a good time every Sunday."

The 4,000 square foot building was originally built in 1888, and then rebuilt in 1949 after a fire. Its use as a church however hasn't been in play for 10 years. So why are you hearing about it now?

Because it's for sale.

"This is a great opportunity to either convert into a residential property, maybe multi-family," said Alyssa Strickland of the Detroit Land Bank Authority. "It's also a perfect spot for some sort of community center. A church would be an obvious use. Anything really, or it could be rezoned potentially something more commercial."

The price tag isn't small however, reaching as high as $295,000. And other limits on what the property can be used for are also in play, including an old deed restriction that prohibits the sale of alcohol.

But, as Strickland will tell you, the sale is well worth the purchase. Considering the estimation of the church's neighbor being a cool $1 million house measuring 20,000 square feet next door, the structure is a steal.

But for any considering its purchase must consider a few stipulations.

"The land bank wants somebody who can prove they have the money not only to purchase the building but to rehab it. That's the most important part. We want someone to preserve the structure and bring it back to life," said Strickland.

If you've got the commitment, interest and financing ready, an open house is scheduled for the church on Aug. 31 from 12-2 p.m. Best offers on the church are due Sept. 20.