Detroit lawyer Mark Bernstein considering run for Governor

There's always big news coming out of the annual Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island and this year is no different as Mark Bernstein considers plans to run for Governor of Michigan.

Mark Bernstein told FOX 2's Tim Skubick that family is a big prority for him and he needs their approval before he runs for Governor in 2018. He said that it's looking like a very real possibility.

"We're taking every step necessary to make this to a real possibility," Bernstein said.

Family is a huge issue for Bernstein. He said that his wife and two young children could say no and he wouldn't do it. But he revealed that the family has said yes.  Mr. Bernstein says teaching public service to his children is an important lesson to learn

"They understand that we've raised them that to know that being engaged in the political process, thinking about big and complicated issues, is a meaningful life," he said.

If there is any hestiation about this decision in the bernstein family it has to do with the combative and ugly  nature of being in the political arena.

"For me one of the challenges is how do you run a campaign that is both populist and, at the same time, positive and not demogogic

Democrat Gretchen Whitmer is already in the arena and welcomes Bernstein or anyone else to the race. She argues the state does not need another millionaire in the governors' office, alluding to Governor Rick Snyder's weath.

"I'm not a millionaire, I can't write a check to fund a whole campaign. I'd rather have five million friends that million bucks in my bank account," Whitmer said.

Bernstein is expected to make an announcement in the next couple of months.


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