Detroit leaders start push for fair auto insurance in the city

A handful of Detroit leaders have begun a fight to bring fair auto insurance rates to the City of Detroit. Right now, Detroiters pay up to $5,000 per year in auto insurance, a rate that's higher than anywhere else in both the state and the country.

The group gathered Monday morning at a church on Detroit's east side to kick off their efforts. They're fighting for fair rates that are comprable to auto rates for those who live in the suburbs.

"When you look at auto insurance companies being able to use credit scores, zip codes, occupations - that's a legalized form of discrimination. We want true auto reform that does not use credit scores, zip codes, occupation and education to determine what insurance rates should be," says former state representative Brian Banks, who is spearheading the group. The group would like to see companies base insurance rates off driving records instead.

Other group members include Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones; Spirit of Love Church Pastor Darrell Reed; auto accident survivor Saundra Grey; President of the 9th Precinct neighborhood Andre Walker; along with other community leaders.

They plan to work with local lawmakers in hopes of getting those auto rates reduced. They also will be holding several town hall meetings so they can get more input from the public.

You can follow their efforts on their Facebook page,