Detroit letter carrier saves man's life when pet pit bull mix attacks family

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Marlon Williams has been carrying mail for several years and has met his fair share of barking and biting dogs. But what happened last month was unlike anything he'd encountered before.

Williams was on his route when he heard a woman scream. He was a block away from the home and instead of driving away from the scream, he drove towards them. The family is grateful he did.

The Margheni's beloved pit bull mix had suddenly attacked them both. Jessica couldn't reach her phone and did the one thing she could do: she screamed.

"My phone had dropped. I didn't have any communication so I just hoped the neighbors or somebody would come," Jessica said.

Marlon couldn't ignore what he heard and he went to check it out.

"I heard this lady screaming and she kept screaming so I stopped my route and came over to find out what was going on," Marlon said.

What he heard next would have made most people turn and drive away - but he didn't. He heard two gunshots coming from inside the house.

Jessica came out bleeding and said she had to shoot her dog after he attacked her father. Don was in the basement, bleeding from the neck, so Marlon went inside to help

"It was blood everywhere and I put the pressure by his neck and I kept the blood from flowing out," Marlon said.

A neighbor called 911 who arrived to help. Today, Don and Jessica are still recovering from their injuries thanks to Marlon's quick thinking.

"He did his job. He did a very good job. We're thankful," Jessica said.

Marlon, however, says he's no hero and was just there are the right time.

"I was just there at the right time, that's all," Marlon said.

This week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week and the USPS and Marlon are using this story as an example to remind everyone to keep control of their dogs.

"They must keep their dogs secure for everybody to be safe. That's all we ask so we can give them the best service as possible," Marlon said.