Detroit man accused of fatally shooting estranged wife and her boyfriend

A man is in custody after being accused of killing his estranged wife and her boyfriend inside a home on Detroit's east side.  

A mother of three, 36-year-old Theresa Watts, along her boyfriend, 35-year-old Tarance Smith, were killed inside her Detroit home on McKinney New Year's Day. Watt's nephew Dwayne Stephens woke up to the horrific news.

"I was just so shocked. I couldn't even move at in the time I was sitting in my bed. I was just shocked like are you serious my auntie?" he said.

Detroit police say Monday afternoon they arrived to the home to find Watts and Smith dead on the floor. Watts shot in the head and Smith was shot in the face.

 "I guess she couldn't get away from him quick enough," Stephens said.

Watts' husband was arrested that night in Redford Township/ Stephens says the couple separated within the last year after being married for 12. He says their relationship seemed rocky.

"She always had to make it seem like everything was good, like there were no problems because she's so nice," he said.

Watts told Stephens of her husband's infidelity. Stephens says he's unsure if she was being abused.

"I know my auntie and I know she wouldn't just leave her husband for something little," he said.

Stephens also says he felt as though Watts's husband had been using her. Watts was basically taking care of their three children on her own.

"She was paying for everything. He'd have a job then he'd lose it," he said. "She threw him out and he didn't have anywhere to go."

Stephens says since their separation Watts' husband began acting jealous, trying to get back together.

"Now she's gone for no reason just because someone's got an attitude because of something they did wrong," he said.

Stephens described Watts as a wonderful mother, a peacemaker, and the one person he could truly talk to. Now her family must plan her funeral as these three children are forced to grow up without their mother and their father.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office says Watts' estranged husband is expected to be arraigned Wednesday.

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