Detroit man accused of shooting parents in bed faces a judge

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Alton Lyons

Alton Lyons is accused of shooting his parents inside their bedroom. On Friday, he faced a judge.

Lyons, 35, was charged with six counts including first degree murder and assault with intent to murder. His father was fatally shot, his mother critically wounded, but expected to survive.

"It's crazy because I've never seen them be aggressive towards him," said neighbor Markita Branch.

Detroit police say Lyons walked into his parents' bedroom inside their home on Grandview on Detroit's northwest side early Wednesday morning holding a gun.

"I heard the shot but I was thinking it's close by but not at my neighbors' house," said Branch.

Lyons' father, 60-year-old Ardel Hough and his mother, 64-year-old Melissa Hough were lying in bed when he allegedly opened fire. His father was hit by two bullets in the head and one hit his mother in her side.

His mother fell to the ground and played dead so he wouldn't shoot her again.
"We were heartbroken because we would have never expected that to happen," said Branch.

Police say Ardel Hough died almost instantly. Melissa Hough was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery, is expected to be okay.

Police say when they arrived to the scene Alton Lyons was outside simply standing in the driveway. Lyons was arrested without any problems.
"You still ask yourself the question why and could this have been talked out," said Cpl. Kenny Hampton. "I wish to God people would do more talking."

Lyons' sister told police her brother is mentally ill and may have been angry at his parents thinking they had done something to his car. Court records show the 35-year-old has quite a criminal past with charges of breaking and entering, unarmed robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon. 

Lyons is now being jailed without bond.

"There may potentially be an element with regard to a medical condition but that remains to be seen," the judge said.

Lyons faces up to life in prison and will back in court in two weeks.