Detroit man arrested for threatening social media post about police

One Detroit man has been arrested and police are searching for another suspect for making threatening comments against police on social media.

The man posted a comment on his Facebook calling the man responsible for the deaths of five officers in Dallas this week a hero.

"These individuals that are on social media making threats regarding the suspect -- this violent terror suspect, that's what he is --a hero, that's a problem," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. "The threat on white officers -- because that's the specific threat -- is a threat on all officers."

Investigators believe the Dallas shooting was in direct response to two police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota -- white police officers shooting black men.

Craig credits his department to having a good relationship with the community, and while what happened in Dallas could happen anywhere, he said it likely would not happen here.

"If we had an individual like this terror suspect in Dallas I'm confident that if people became concerned about someone in our community that was planning an attack on police officers ... that someone would tell -- someone would say something."

He added the key is transparency to foster good relations.