Detroit man charged with domestic violence accused of choking, shooting at woman

A Detroit man is facing charges after three separate incidents of domestic violence, including choking and shooting at a woman.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has charged 31-year-old Robert Mario-Louis Williams with three counts of domestic violence, felonious assault, felony firearm and resisting police.

"I never put my hands on her," Williams said in court Friday.

That's his story, but prosecutors, and police have a very different one.

"You proceeded to grab the individual by the shirt, punching her in the head," said the judge.

Williams is facing serious prison time for assaulting his girlfriend three times over the last two months.

"These are very serious assault of allegations and concerns the court regarding the safety of that individual," the judge said.

Police say the first call came on July 12 just before midnight. Williams, who lives with his girlfriend on Princeton near Grove street on the city's west side, allegedly punched her and then threw her down a flight of stairs. He gone before police got there.

"I do see the police down there sometimes, but other than that it's quiet over here," said neighbor Doris Jones.

The next call was on August 16 around 7 p.m. Prosecutors say Williams threatened, punched and began strangling the same woman. Williams, stealing her cell phone, took off before cops got there.

"You allegedly, after an argument with the alleged victim, choked and punched the individual in the face," the judge said.

Prosecutors say Williams became even more violent. Wednesday around 2:30 a.m., Detroit police got a call for help at the same house.

"You allegedly fired shots at her and allegedly tried to take her cell phone, preventing her to call for help," the judge said.

Thankfully, no bullets hit her. FOX 2 spoke with Williams' girlfriend and she says he is innocent, that he never shot at her and she didn't even call the police. But cops say she did. 

Williams took off like before, but when cops arrived, they say Williams ran back into the home with his gun and barricaded himself in there.

"I got up and saw the blinking red lights in my window. I was wondering what was going on ...and I saw the police had barricaded," Doris said.

After a seven-hour stand-off, police say Williams surrendered.

"Officers recovered a Smith and Wesson .357 magnum handgun and one black UMX cell phone," the judge said.

Williams was given three bonds, and the highest was $100,000. If released, Williams is ordered not to have any weapons, to wear a GPS tether, and most importantly, to stay away from his girlfriend.